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Custom Homes

Thinking about building that dream home?  Can’t find one that fits your needs?  Our custom home service could be right for you!  We have built many custom homes over the years, from standard homes with standard features to large classy homes with all the latest technology.  Again, we offer our own design services (see Contracts for more details) which is a great chance for customers to get to know us.  Who better to design your house than the same guys who will be building it??  That is why we feel our Design to Build agreement keeps our customers coming back.  We can accurately value engineer your home as we are laying it out on paper.  Whether it is finding a more efficient way to build or maximizing the square footage, we can do it all.  Even if you are not sure what size rooms you want, we can place your furniture in a plan view to answer those elusive questions.  Not to mention, we have over 20 years of designing and building experience.